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Run GMC Live in Ontario

Run GMC.

While the Girl could only have a brief stay in LndOnt the Boy and Run GMC are still around. Run GMC is the Boy’s mobile operations centre, complete with bedroom, living room and the latest project in progress today: a kitchen. Although older than the Boy himself, Run GMC would have made Mr. T and the A-team proud by making it all the way home on an extended road trip back from the Left Coast.

Mrs. Sica was amazed by this happenstance and remarked in verse:

Long may you run.
Long may you run.
Although these changes
Have come
With your chrome heart shining
In the sun
Long may you run

which will be well know to you Neil Young fans (listen ).

All me and the Girl can say is:

Gonna live, POSITIVE, forever, AND EVER
Run-G[sic].M.C. and we're "Tougher Than Leather".

Stay strong Run GMC.

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