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Trump Travel Ban Extends to 2017 Solar Eclipse

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New path of the 2017 solar eclipse.

President Trump today extended his controversial travel ban to include our closest star, The Sun. The travel ban now includes the eclipsing of solar system objects in a manner that “decreases luminosity reaching the soil of the USA or its territories.” This order effectively eliminates the potentially deliberate action of our Moon to completely block sunlight from reaching the surface, impacting the lives of millions of Americans, on August 17, 2017. White House Press Sean Spicer said when questioned:

The decisive action of The President today again shows his commitment
to protecting the environment by stopping global cooling, increasing
argiculture productivity, and protecting jobs for solar astronomers
threatened by big business in China.  

In a statement President Trump said:

The Sun knows its job and has a duty to warm America. Real warm.
Big league warm, I'll tell you why. CAUSE TRAVELLING TO FLORIDA
EVERY WEEKEND SUCKS. Got that, more Sun, warmer in DC, better for
my golf game. So if the Sun thinks it is going to waltz over the
border from Canada and turn itself off over the USA in the middle
of summer it can screw off.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tweeted, apparently in response to Trump’s action:

CDN all for Sun expressing itself how if feels most comfortable.
Hot or Cool CDN loves u & welcomes u & all stellar objects! #eclipe2017

More on this story to follow as comments from world leaders roll in. In the meantime leave your own comments below.

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